Papers are online available at the AAAI Digital Library.

Full Papers

  • Using Complex Event Processing for Modeling Semantic Requests in Real-Time Social Media Monitoring.
    Dominik Riemer, Nenad Stojanovic and Ljiljana Stojanovic.
  • A Systematic Investigation of Blocking Strategies for Real-time Classification of Social Media Content into Events.
    Timo Reuter and Philipp Cimiano.
  • SMILE: An Informality Classification Tool for Helping to Assess Quality and Credibility in Web 2.0 Texts.
    Alejandro Mosquera López and Paloma Moreda.

Short papers

  • Unsupervised Real-Time Company Name Disambiguation in Twitter.
    Agustín D. Delgado Muñoz, Raquel Martínez Unanue, Alberto Pérez García-Plaza and Víctor Fresno.
  • Hybrid Browser / Server Collection of Streaming Social Media Data for Scalable Real-Time Analysis.
    Lance R. Vick, Titus Soporan, Daniel Robert Lewis and Jane Brooks Zurn.


  • An Architecture for Real Time Analysis of Social Media Text.
    Daniel Preotiuc-Pietro, Sina Samangooei, Trevor Cohn, Nicholas Gibbins and Mahesan Niranjan.
  • Aggregating Social Media for Enhancing Conference Experience.
    Houda Khrouf, Ghislain Atemezing, Giuseppe Rizzo, Raphael Troncy and Thomas Steiner.